Complex Criminal Litigation

Complex Criminal Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling complex criminal investigations and prosecutions, from murder cases turning on forensic evidence to complicated white collar criminal matters including fraud, public corruption, and money laundering cases.

We take nothing for granted in the search for a just result for our clients and we develop and present vigorous and creative defenses to criminal charges. Our expertise in deconstructing the government’s investigation and prosecution often results in the exposure of government misconduct and favorable relief for our clients.

We have established and implemented new constitutional rights for citizens, including rights of privacy and confidentiality in government investigations and the right of an accused to a “disinterested” prosecutor. In one celebrated case, our client was acquitted after we proved that police officers had committed perjury. We have, on many occasions, successfully challenged the admissibility of evidence against our clients on legal and scientific grounds. We argued the landmark case excluding all hypnotically-aided testimony as unreliable.

We have acquired a particular expertise in analyzing the methods used in government searches of computer media and in challenging the integrity of the results.

In sentencing, we utilize inventive approaches and consult with skilled and knowledgeable experts to devise alternatives to strict sentencing guidelines and to achieve humane dispositions.

We often represent targets, subjects and witnesses in grand jury investigations. Through early investigation and intervention with the government, we have succeeded in avoiding or minimizing the charges and penalties, as well as the public embarrassment our clients would otherwise have suffered.